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17 May 2020

Dj Siuol choic 30-05-2020

sample 600
Artist: Dj Siuol
Title: Dj Siuol choice(Mixed by Dj Siuol)
Label: NN/Records
Catalog Number 600 Source: WEB
Style: : tech,House, dance
Release Date 30–05-2020
Quality: 320kbps / 40100Hz / Joint Stereo
Size :443MB (443.929 bytes)
Tracks: 36
3 uur en 3 min

Made this mix with Two Denon Dj SC5000 and Rane MP2015 Rotary Mixer

KC Lights – You & Me (Extended Mix)
Ben Remember – The Unloved (Extended Mix)
Jack Back, Tom Staar – Body Beat (Extended Mix)
Alex Preston, Shyam P – Touch The Sunshine (Extended Mix)
Kaniun – Zoingo (Extended Mix)
Pax – Pass The Bottle (Extended Mix)
Marc Ross – Smash (Extended Mix)
Amine Edge & DANCE – Serving Looks (Extended Mix)
Martin Badder – Coming Back To You (Extended Mix)
KC Lights – SOL (Extended Mix)
Fish From Japan – No Matter What (Extended Mix)
Late London, Born I – On The Attack (Extended Mix)
Maxinne, MizBee – Want You To Know (Extended Mix)
ACAY – Push Me Down (Extended Mix)
Ben Remember – We Work So Good (Extended Mix)
Dale Howard – Your Love (Extended Mix)
Marc Volt – Honesty (Extended Mix)
Pax – Make Me Feel (Extended Mix)
Iglesias – Don’t Ya (Extended Mix)
George Kwali – Grounded (Extended Mix)
GW Harrison – Hear My Soul (Extended Mix)
Maxinne – Let Nobody (Extended Mix)
Elian Dust, Andrew Meller – Celtic Girl (Andrew Meller Extended Mix)
Ekoboy – Resolution (Extended Mix)
Because of Art – Elevate (Extended Mix)
Port Manteau – Faded (Extended Mix)
Jay de Lys, Tomi&Kesh – On Your Feet (Extended Mix)
Dombresky, Boston Bun – Stronger (Extended Mix)
ATFC, Gene Farris – Spirit of House (Extended Mix)
Shiba San – Runnin’ Roll (Extended Mix)
Chus & Ceballos, Dario D’Attis – Heart of Glitter (Extended Mix)
Dombresky – Housology (Extended Mix)
Mat.Joe – Off Ma Mind (Extended Mix)
Mr. Kavalicious – Tonight (Extended Mix)
Alex Virgo – Brother (Extended Mix)
Monki, DJ Rae – I’m Free To Love You (Extended Mix)

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