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Dj Siuol choice 24-12-2016


Dj Siuol.

Artist: Dj Siuol
Title: Dj Siuol choice(Mixed by Dj Siuol)
Label: NN/Records
Catalog Number: 416
Source: WEB
Style: : tech,House, dance
Release Date 24–12-2016
Quality: 320kbps / 40100Hz / Joint Stereo
Size : 145MB (145.50,.100 bytes)
1 uur en 3 min.

Made this mix with Two Pioneers CDJ 2000 Nexus and Rane MP2015 Rotary Mixer

Tracklist :

1.Agent Orange Dino Maggiorana Dino Maggiorana & Agent-Orange Brooklyn (Original Mix)
2.Egoism -Capital (Original Mix)
3.Optimuss-Capral (Original Mix)
4.Vlada Asanin-Claustrophobic (Original Mix)
5.Joe Red-Surprise (Original Mix)
6.Joe Mesmar-Discipline (Original Mix)
7.Christian Cambas-Initiate (Original Mix)
8.Ant Brooks-Nitrous (Original Mix)
9.Stefano Pini-Rotative (Original Mix)
10.The Reactivitz-Tell Me (Original Mix)

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